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Articles tackling a range of topics from prescription pain medication to teenage steroid abuse.

Am I An Addict?

MOST addicts are normal people who can often manage to hide the problem for a long period of time.

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Drivers on Meds

Drivers on Meds Menace to Society

It’s a well-known fact that drinking and driving don’t mix. But, does the individual on pain medication understand the risks associated with the operation of a motor vehicle while taking the drug? What if the individual were taking it for recreational purposes? According to a recent Healio report, those behind the wheel of a car who have also been prescribed large doses of opioid analgesics are 42 percent more likely to experience some form of trauma due to a vehicle c...

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The New Drug War Zone

The New Drug War Zone: Prescription Pain Medications

Heroin and crack-addicted populations were once the top concern of health officials in the U.S. But today, more people die from drugs originating from a doctor’s prescription than all illicit drugs combined. The Los Angeles Times recently covered the epidemic in a package that focused on six individuals, which helped bring faces and names to a problem that affects old and young, rich and poor and black and white alike. These drugs aren’t only legal; a doctor prescribed...

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Pain Management

Pain Management and the Abuse of Prescription Drugs in the NFL

A career involving multiple daily hits to the body with severe impact, having limbs twisted under hundreds of pounds of weight, and constant bodily collision for hours at a time involves a bit more pain than one encounters in a desk job. The National Football League is grappling with how to control the daily pain that their players endure without harming them with the risk of drug addiction, either physically or psychologically. A new study by the Washington University St. Lo...

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Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

If you or a loved one is addicted to prescription drugs it is critical that you get professional, medically supervised help to faciliate a safe plan for withdrawal.

Avoid anyone who advertises "rapid detox" – this method where a person is basically rendered unconscious for a period of time during withdrawal is not recommended.

The first step is to contact a doctor who is an addiction specialist. If you can, find a board-certified addiction psychiatrist. They will understand the issues related to addiction and will not underestimate the seriousness of your dependency.

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Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

These are some of the typical indications that someone is addicted to prescription drugs, although prescription drug addiction signs will differ depending on whether it is a sedative or stimulant type of drug:

  • Dose has increased over time
  • Sleepy and sluggish
  • Unable to stop the drug even for a short period of time
  • When attempting to stop they experience withdrawal symptoms
  • Doctor begins to question dosage
  • Doctor shopping when physician refuses to increase prescription
  • Searching medicine cabinets of friends and family for pills
  • Takes drugs at inappropriate times (before driving, at work)
  • Takes drugs in other than the prescribed way (higher dose; snorts)

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